Falafel on the Corners.

Tastes Great. Sounds Even Better.


Our Recipe.

Four guys with no hope and nothing better to do. That about sums it up. We met in juvenile detention. Reform school. The future looked bleak. Heists? Capers? Shootouts with the cops? That or—just play your heart out. A band is a whole lot more fun than a life of crime. We turned ourselves around, and now there's no turning back.

Wait! That's not it—not it at all. Must have been a dream.

Four guys all dating the same girl. (No wonder she always said she was "busy"—she really was!) She moved on and left us to pick up the pieces. We picked up guitars and amps instead. Heart break is a great place to find inspiration. We took it and ran with it. Thanks dear—what was your name again? Doesn't matter. Making music—now that's passion!

There's a hundred stories we could tell, and all of them are true.

Each of us in his own way discovered what music is and what music does and what music means to those who make it and those who hear it. Music moves you, inside and out. Music tells a truth that words only aspire to. Loud or soft. Simple or intricate. Music is about sharing experiences and creating new ones. Music opens doors both real and imaginary. Music brings folks together but lets them get into themselves in ways they never saw or felt before.

We don't profess to have all the answers—we have this instead. With every strum of the guitar, with each chord we play, we'll do our best to help you smile and feel connected, to help you feel good about your life no matter what's going on in it, to help you discover hope and respect and a reason to live another day. We've got from now until closing time—are you ready for this?

One, two, three...

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Falafel on the Corners is

Photo of Anton Filippov.

Anton Filippov  ⁄  Bass Guitar

Photo of Danya Chudakov.

Danya Chudakov  ⁄  Drums

Photo of Roma Pavlov.

Roma Pavlov  ⁄  Guitar

Photo of Slava Kotovskih.

Slava Kotovskih  ⁄  Guitar

Just four lads from Liverpool, uh Leningrad — I mean St. Petersburg. Whatever. We're going places. We'll hit your block soon! Just watch. Just listen!

The One Moment. YouTube Version.

Full Concert Live: April 19, 2019.

Letter to Dasha Live: March 17, 2019.

I Won't Sleep Tonight Live: March 17, 2019.

Broken Hearts Someday Love Again Live: March 17, 2019.

The One Moment Live: March 17, 2019.

"We're not the house band, but we'll come play at your house."

Fish Fabrique Nightclub.
Ligovsky Avenue, 53
St. Petersburg 191040 Russia.


Falafel King.
Zagorodny Avenue, 22
St. Petersburg 191002 Russia.